Students completing an online exam will be required to submit all of their performance pieces in the form of video recordings through this form. Please select your instrument and level to access the submission form. Each form is specific to the requirements for the instrument and level. Therefore, all fields must be completed in order for the student to meet all the playing requirements of the exam. Deductions will be applied to the final mark if all requirements are not submitted. Please review your exam syllabus located in your review package to ensure you have all components prepared for the exam. 

Note: for some pieces, you will be required to submit copies of your music for the examiner to reference. You may scan the music or take a picture of the music and submit it with the form.

Tips to capturing a good performance:

  • Make sure performance is filmed in landscape mode (horizontal) and that the student and fingers are clearly visible for the examiner. For voice, please have the student visible from the waist up. 
  • Provide a quiet environment.
  • Make sure to exaggerate your dynamics. 
  • For pieces that require a sequence, please double check that the track is audible (especially for voice students).

For assistance with the form, please reach out to