• Ages 4-5 years old. Campers must be of the required age by the camp start date.
  • Campers must be potty trained.
  • No performance experience required.
  • Note: Camps run from 9am to 4:30pm. Lunch at 12pm (optional pizza/pita lunch available to purchase) with mid-morning and afternoon snack breaks.
  • Location: Oakville campus only



  • Ages 6-8 years old. Campers must be of the required age by the camp start date
  • No performance experience required
  • Note: Camps run from 9am to 4:30pm. Lunch at 12pm (optional pizza/pita lunch available to purchase) with mid-morning and afternoon snack breaks.
  • Location: Oakville campus only



  • Ages 7-12 years old. Campers must be of the required age by the camp start date
  • No experience required
  • Purchase ukulele prior to start of camp
  • Note: Camps run from 9am to 4:30pm. Lunch at 12pm (optional pizza/pita lunch available to purchase) with mid-morning and afternoon snack breaks.
  • Location: Oakville campus only


Camp Pricing:

Non-MSM Students:  $225

MSM Students: $202.50

Camp Pricing:

Non-MSM Students:  $225

MSM Students: $202.50

Camp Pricing:

Non-MSM Students:  $250

MSM Students: $225


Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of our programs which ensure campers have fun in a positive learning environment while creating music. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration for current volunteer opportunities.

parents-guideParents Guide to Camps


  •   All campers must wear comfortable clothing.
  •   Extra Clothing & Appropriate Shoes for outdoor play
  •   Water Bottle (labeled with your child’s name)
  •   Sunblock
  •   Snacks (NUT-FREE)

Camp Specific:

  •   Craft shirt that can get dirty (Mini Music and Ready Set Action Camps)
  •   Instruments: Ukulele (for ukulele camp)
  •   Note: The ukulele must be purchased before the start of camp.

Class sizes range from 8 to 12 campers depending on age and program. Your child’s camp experience is prepared and delivered by a qualified team of instructors and volunteers. Our camp staff are music educators with teaching experience. They all have experience working with children and are CPR and First Aid trained. Our teen volunteers are interviewed and selected from local high schools. Campers are supervised at all times during camp.

newOur camps take an outdoor break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Mini Music campers play in the grass area in front of the school while the older children walk with the camp staff to Thorn Lodge Public School to play in their park. In the case of extreme hot weather, precautions will be taken to keep campers hydrated and in cool or air-conditions areas where possible. On rainy or smog alert days, we will minimize outdoor time as necessary.

Procedures
Monday morning sign-in: For Monday morning, sign-in takes place upstairs on the 2n d floor. Please follow the direction and signs for where your specific camp is gathering. Arrive early to allow time for registration process (sign-in, hand in waiver form, and double checking information). For the remainder of the camp week, sign-in takes place at 9:00am at your child’s designated homeroom, unless you have prepaid for extended care (8am drop off in room 221). For safety reasons all campers must be signed in and signed out by parent/guardian.

Campers will only be allowed to leave with the person authorized to pick them up. Please note that authorized parent/guardian will be asked for ID upon pick up.

Late Arrivals

It is important that campers arrive each day by 9:00am as programming begins promptly at 9:00am. Should you arrive later than 9:00am you must report to Reception and they will assist in locating your child’s homeroom to be signed in with their camp staff.

Early Departures
Should you need to pick up your child early (before 4:30pm) please contact your child’s camp staff as soon as possible to let them know.

Sign-out Procedures
For safety reasons all campers must be signed out by a parent/guardian. Sign-out takes place at your child’s designated homeroom at 4:30pm. Campers enrolled in the afternoon extended care will be dropped off by their camp staff in the extended care room at 4:30pm. Extended care fees will apply if your child is not picked up by 4:30pm.

Campers will only be allowed to leave with the person authorized to pick them up. Photo ID must be presented by those authorized to pick up campers each day.

newMarch Break camps run from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Early drop off is available from 8:00am – 8:45am each day and late pickup runs from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. All extended care must be registered for in advance. Extended care campers must stay in the designated extended care room (room 221), where they’ll be supervised by a member of our camp staff. There are no structured activities during extended care, but campers have the opportunity to play with their friends using the variety of board games and activities provided.

Morning extended care: Campers may be signed in between 8am and 8:45am. Your child’s camp staff will pick up their campers at 8:45am.

Afternoon extended care: If your camper is registered in extended care, they will automatically be taken to the Aftercare room (221) and you must pick them up and sign them out from there. It is most important that if you are running late, you call the school at 905-820-2020.

There is a $5.00/day charge for AM extended care, $10.00/day charge for PM extended care.

*Late fees will apply if your child is picked up beyond 6:00pm.


Extended Care (pre-paid)


Sign In


Camp specific activities (rehearsals, Studio A, Crafts, Outdoor time)


LUNCH – All campers eat lunch together in their homeroom between 12-12:30pm.
All campers relax to watch a movie together in Studio A between 12:30-1pm.


Camp specific activities (rehearsals, Studio A, Crafts, Outdoor time)

Now 4:30pmnew

Sign Out


Extended Care (pre-paid)

All camps culminate to a final performance Friday afternoon between 2-4pm. The complete performance schedule will be made available in your confirmation email. After your child’s performance, you have the option to sign-them out or leave them with the counselor to continue watching the other camps’ performances until the 4:30pm pick-up time.

Purchase a professional quality video of your child’s camp performance for an additional camp fee of $50.00. Merriam students will receive a copy of their performance in their videolog.

newPartial refund will be granted up to 2 weeks before camp start date. No refund for any reason 2 weeks before your camp start date (including cancelling pizza and/or extended care) No refund if camper misses a day of camp.

All withdrawal and refund requests must be received in writing.

Merriam Music reserves the right to un-register a camper if she or she is deemed to be incompatible with the program. Please see the ‘Discipline’ section for further details.

newTo make any changes with your original registration, please email us at and inform us of the changes you require. All changes are subject to availability.

Merriam Music reserves the right to cancel or combine individual camps if minimum registration is not achieved. A full refund will be issued in the event of a cancellation due to low enrollment. No refunds will be given for days when a camper is absent and missed days cannot be made up. A refund due to medical reasons may be considered if a written request, accompanied by a doctor’s note, is received within a week of the missed camp.

If your child requires any prescription medications (including Asthma Inhalers) or carries an Epi-Pen, please fill out the Medical Information section on the registration form. All prescription medications must be turned in to the camp supervisor at morning sign in. Prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy bottle, labeled with the patients name and the physicians ordered dose on the bottle (e.g. pills in Ziploc bags are not accepted).

Non prescription/over-the-counter medication, including vitamins and herbal supplements, will not be permitted. Asthma Inhalers and Epi-Pens will be carried by your child. If you wish to discuss your child’s medications or medical conditions in advance, please contact Summer Camp Coordinator. Please note that the Camp Staff are instructed not to administer medication, such as Asthma inhalers or Epi-Pens, but rather guide our child to use it as they see fit as per their first aid training.

If your child is injured, you will be notified following notification of the appropriate emergency personnel. Camp staff will administer first aid and complete an incident report. The Camp Staff, in conjunction with the Camp Supervisors, will make any decisions regarding further medical care. A waiver form was included in your confirmation email to allow the Camp Supervisor/Counselors to authorize all procedures (including admission to the hospital and necessary treatment) in the event of an emergency. All of our camp staff are CPR and First Aid trained.

If your child should become ill while at camp, you will be notified. Because we do not have a registered nurse on staff, we will ask you to make the decision whether to remove your child from the program for the day. We ask for your discretion on bringing your child to camp if he/she is ill.

Campers must provide their own lunches, snacks and drinks. Refrigeration for lunches, snacks and drinks is not available. Please ensure that all lunches and snacks are nut free. Adult supervision is provided for all campers over the lunch period and during breaks.

Pizza Lunch

A pizza lunch is available for an extra fee of $5.00/day.
This comes with 2 slices of cheese o r pepperoni as well as a juice box.

Pita Pit Lunch

newA new healthy lunch option is available on WEDNESDAYS only! A Pita Pit lunch is: $5.50 for a small 6” or $7.00 for a large 9” or gluten free.
All Pizza or Pita pit lunches must be purchased in advance.nutfree


There are staff and children attending our programs with nut allergies so please do not pack nut products. If nut products are brought they will be discarded immediately!

Campers are asked to leave all valuables at home as Merriam Music will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items while at camp . Please label all clothing and belongings. Any items unclaimed by the end of the summer will be donated to charity.

Behaviour Guidelines
It is the goal of Merriam Music to provide a healthy, safe, secure and respectful environment for all campers and staff. All campers are expected to follow the behaviour guidelines and interact appropriately in a group setting. Please review the following Behaviour Guidelines and Program Rules with your child(ren). Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and will help provide a safe, fun, and respectful environment for all campers and staff.

Camp Behaviour Guidelines and Program Rules

●  Campers are expected to participate in all camp activities, follow the directions of the camp staff and stay with their camp group at all times.

●  Campers must be respectful, honest and considerate of other campers, staff, volunteers and guests.

●  Campers must be respectful of Merriam School of Music property, property of other campers, staff or guests.If a child does not follow the behaviour guidelines, the camp staff will take the following steps:

  1. 1st occurrence – Staff will redirect the child to more appropriate behaviour.
  2. 2nd occurrence – The child will be sent to see the Camp Coordinator or School Manager to be reminded of the behaviour rules and parents will be notified by way of an incident report or phone call.
  3. 3rd occurrence – Parent will be contacted immediately by the Camp Supervisor and asked to pick up their child.Merriam Music Camps reserve the right to ask a parent to pick their child up early, temporarily suspend the child from the camp program or expulsion from the program in extreme cases with no refund.

The following are zero tolerance behaviour and will result in the i mmediate suspension from the camp program with no refund:

➔  Using profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or acting in a lewd manner.

➔  Use of alcohol or drugs.

➔  Verbal or physical abuse of other participants or staff.

➔  Stealing or damaging Merriam Music property or personal property of other campers or staff.

Electronic Mail

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to email the camp coordinator, feel free to do so at:

Contacting Your Child During Camp

If you have an emergency and need to contact your child during the camp, call the front desk at:

(905) 829-2020 DIAL 0