The Keyfest Labs program is one of the most innovative ‘add-on’ programs that Merriam Music offers.  While regular performance opportunities at Merriam Music gives students regular goals to strive for in their lessons, Keyfest Labs gives them the chance to experience music in a practical setting on a bi-weekly basis.

At Merriam Music, we strongly believe in the concept of Music as a language; and a growing and significant body of research agrees with us.  The more that young learners are able to interact and apply the musical knowledge that they learn in the classroom, the more relevant it becomes, as well as deeply ingrained.


What is it Keyfest Labs?

Keyfest Labs is an innovative, first-of-its-kind ensemble program available to ALL students of Merriam Music between the ages of 6 – 18.  The program goals include:

  • give students of all musical backgrounds and experience levels a chance to benefit from playing in a band
  • extend the social benefits of ensemble music making to people in private lessons
  • increase the performance opportunities for students – something statistically proven to improve motivation and increase absorption of knowledge
  • Flexible pricing and scheduling at  $50/month for 2 sessions or $75/Month for 4 sessions
  • have fun!

How is Keyfest Labs different than Band Chops Pro?


Keyfest Labs is designed for students who are already taking another full-time program at Merriam – it is NOT a stand-alone program. Keyfest Labs offers several classes per month, and allows its students the flexibility of picking which classes work best.  The class selection is all online and very convenient.

Band Chops Pro is designed as an intensive, full-time program for more advanced students who are studying rock, pop, jazz, or R&B.  The cost of Keyfest Labs is extremely reasonable: $50/month for 2 sessions or $75/Month for 4 sessions, whereas Band Chops Pro has a higher annual cost more inline with the Enriched Piano Program.

Signup Instructions

Below is a list of all upcoming Keyfest Labs dates.
Once enrolled, sign up for a specific day, simply click the title or blue “view details” button on the right side.